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  • Posted:Apr 15,2014
    Overall: Comfort: Look: 5 Stars
    Motorcycle Super-store is an amazing company to work with! Exceptional item descriptions with outstanding user reivews actually assist with picking the appropriate item. Should you select the wrong size or have a concern by means of your purchase they're customer service is the top of line. Recommend them to any or all my riding buddies!
  • Posted:Mar 28,2014
    Overall: Comfort: Look: 5 Stars
    Sound: 4.5 (I am not an audiophile, used to do discover the sound is undoubtedly quite exceptional when compared with your fundamental headset, bass can also be, great (likely much less deep as you'd expect from your beats, it actually relies upon the music you hear, other clients may believe the bass is simply perfect, like me) but I wasn't astonished in the sound quality. (I was expecting a #ohmyGawdthisisawesome how can I live before this?)
  • Posted:Mar 14,2014
    Overall: Comfort: Look: 5 Stars
    I Really like it